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The Marina at Dana Point

Our legendary marina has been a beautiful harbor centerpiece for over 40 years, providing a secure, full-service boating facility to Dana Point’s active boaters, racers, sailors and sport fishers.

Docks & Slips

Bellingham Marine will develop and build the new marina, which will consist of over 2,200 boat slips and a total of 493 dry boat-storage spaces within about 20.5 acres, while sister company Bellport will oversee operations. The dock system innovation by Bellingham Marine will eliminate all treated wood and includes technology that removes all ferrous metals, ensuring longer dock life, while ridding the environment of those toxic materials.


Bellwether worked closely with the California Coastal Commission to ensure increased public access within the harbor and are focused on environmentally friendly docks by eliminating ferrous metals within the new dock system. In addition, Bellwether has engaged with marine biologists to monitor marine mammals and fish for underwater acoustic impact from pile driving and dock installation.

The company is dedicated to improving water quality by using fiberglass to construct the new marina as opposed to using treated wood, like lumber, that can seep into the water.  With the California Coastal Commission’s green light, Bellwether is now working with the city and county permit and planning groups to finalize construction permits with the goal of beginning construction by mid 2022

Guest Slips

The Marina at Dana Point’s guest slips will be comprised of three docks that provide flexibility with vessel size and type and be relocated to the outer basin at the entrance to the Harbor enabling easy visitor access. This location will allow for vessels ranging from 20’ to 200’ to visit the Harbor attracting visitors from all parts of the west coast.

Public Access & Social Justice

In working with the California Coastal Commission, Bellwether will improve public access to the water through both the design of The Marina and community programs. Bellwether Financial is partnering with local nonprofit organizations to introduce a first-of-its-kind social justice program that will serve 1,000 underserved youths annually from Orange County.  The robust program will provide access to coastal resources such as ocean education, sailing, swimming lessons, and other water activities. A key component of the marina revitalization is to expand public access points to the water and recreational activities around the entire harbor.

As part of increased public access, other distinct plans for The Marina include flipping the parking and commercial space, with retail, hotels and public parks on the waterfront and public docks to access the landside amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Developer:

Bellwether Financial Group:

Bellwether Financial Group is an investment company focused on dynamic companies and iconic properties. The Company was founded by Joseph Ueberroth in 1997 with the purpose of investing capital with proven management teams and working together to build successful companies.

Bellingham Marine:

Having supplied over 25 million square feet of floating systems for clients around the world in their 60+ year history, Bellingham Marine know what’s been tried, what has worked, and what hasn’t. Time-proven construction methods combined with advancements in materials and an appreciation for value engineering are the foundation of their award-winning portfolio of projects.

Project Phasing:

Please visit the Construction Schedule & Updates page for more information.

Boater Information:

Information pertaining to current Boat tenants will be communicated directly through email, phone, and The Marina at Dana Point Newsletter. If you have additional questions, please complete the contact form for The Marina, and your question will be directed to the appropriate party.

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