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Construction Updates & Schedule

The Marina at Dana Point

This update was provided by The Marina at Dana Point’s April Newsletter.

The marina is moving along with Phase 5 and on the verge of completion. Phase 5 slip locations will be ready to occupy in early to mid-June 2024. Completion of this phase will complete the west basin cove in its entirety.

Phase 5 will light up as follows:

Gate 16: Dock of the Crystal Lantern

Gate 17: Dock of the Sunrise Lantern

Gate 18: Dock of the Emerald Lantern

Gate 19: Dock of the Sapphire Lantern

The project will move to the island starting June 1st with Phase 6 demo. Phase 6 includes D-Dock West Basin Island. Each tenant assigned to a slip on D-Dock West Basin Island has been issued a letter outlining a temporary relocation assignment. The goal is to have the dock 100% clear and ready for demolition beginning June 1st. Phase 6 is expected to take 3-4 months and once complete will consist of the following slip mix:

21’ = 6

25’ = 106

26’ = 2

30’ = 23

33’ ET = 1

58’ ET = 1

63’ ET = 1

Slip selection for Phase 6 will begin shortly after demo of the area starts. The slip selection process will be ongoing until all the slips have been selected.

100% of the current marina tenants have been contacted on the 28’, 30, 40’, 45’, 55’ and 60’ slip selection seniority list. With that process, we are able to determine where almost everyone on these lists would like to end up and in which phase they plan to make their selection. Although we have not made it 100% through the 26’ and under slip selection seniority list, we are very close and anticipate that we will get there within the next two weeks. When we reach the names at the bottom of this list, these become slip assignments rather than selections since we will be using every slip in the 26’ and under size category to accommodate our current tenants.

Now that we have been through a few phases and corresponding slip selection process, we are finding that people are able to end up where they want to be. If for some reason, you are unable to get exactly what you want, we do maintain a transfer list. As slips become available, we will refer to the transfer list and relocate existing tenants before offering slips to the waitlist.

Feedback from tenants on the new docks has been positive as the project progresses into Phase 6.

Restaurants & Retail

Phase 1 and 2 of formal construction for the harbor-wide revitalization began March 1, 2024 with anticipated completion by February 2025. The construction site for the three-tiered parking structure is fully underway at the corner of Golden Lantern and Dana Point Harbor Drive.

Retail, restaurants, whale watching, sportfishing, and Catalina Express will remain open during the construction and customers will be able to park in the main parking lot. By facilitating the project in phases, the harbor will remain open to public access throughout the construction process, with as little impact on parking, businesses and common areas as possible. View the latest parking details here.

Following completion of the first two phases, construction will then begin on Phase 3 of the Commercial Core, which includes development along the waterfront. This phase is anticipated to begin in March 2025. The final phases will include the redevelopment of the buildings within The Wharf.

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