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Construction Updates & Schedule

The Marina at Dana Point

C-Dock in the west basin will be the first phase of the waterside project which consists of 15 total phases.

C-dock has been cleared of all vessels in anticipation of the August 5th start date with all vessels successfully relocated within the harbor. We anticipate the first phase will take approximately 4 months to complete. The eastern half of B-Dock in the west basin is designated for phase two of the project. We plan to issue relocation notifications to all tenants with assigned slips in this area in mid-August 2022 with the goal to have all boats cleared from the dock by October 15, 2022.

What to Expect During Construction

Demolition of the existing dock and piles is the first stage of the project. This will happen quickly with the area clear within 4-6 weeks. Once demolition is complete, pile driving will commence. You may recall a recent pile project in the West Basin where Bellingham was onsite with pile driving equipment and drove seven piles over the course of a week. Pile driving generates a repetitive pounding sound. Although the noise levels will be monitored, you may find the consistency of the noise to be disruptive at first. Over time, it settles into background noise. The good news is that pile driving occurs only a few days during each phase.

Once the headwalks are towed to the site, piles will be driven and then the fingers will be installed. Finally, various conduit including water and electricity are brought from the landside and run through the docks to each slip location. Lastly, power pedestals are installed and everything is hooked up.

Dock construction will primarily take place Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM. Although we have approval to work on Saturdays, we do not anticipate engaging in construction on weekends or holidays.

Restaurants & Retail

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