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Construction Updates & Schedule

The Marina at Dana Point

This update was provided by The Marina at Dana Point’s January Newsletter.

Dock of the Orange Lantern (G13) opened for occupancy on Thursday, January 25, 2024! A few boats have made their way to their new slips. Also part of Phase 4, Dock of the Violet Lantern (G14) and Dock of the Cardinal Lantern (G15) will soon open for occupancy. These docks are all part of Phase 4 and include 21’, 24’, 25’, 26’, 28’ and 30’ slips. Slip selection is ongoing with a few slips still remaining.

All boats will clear off of A-dock west basin cove and the guest dock by January 31, 2024, with demolition of Phase 5 due to commence on February 1, 2024. Phase 5 will complete the west basin cove and includes The Dock of the Crystal Lantern (G16), The Dock of the Sunrise Lantern (G17), The Dock of the Emerald Lantern (G18) and The Dock of the Sapphire Lantern (G19). Phase 5 includes a handful of 26’ slips, 191 – 30’ slips and 4 end-ties. Slip selection will begin for these locations in mid to late February.

Now that we have a fair number of boats assigned to new slips, we have had an opportunity to really utilize the incredible technology that is built into this new dock system such as the electrical meters, water meters, Wi-Fi, lighting and access controls. In addition to the docks themselves, this technology is super cool and very different from what is offered on the old docks. In addition to the state of the art smart technology, there are several safety features built into the new dock system such as ground fault protection. We want to share more detail about the smart electric and water meters and how billing for this usage works:

Smart Electric Meters – Each power pedestal is equipped with a MarineSync smart electric and water meter. When a vessel connects to the shore power at the pedestal, electrical usage is monitored. The slip tenant is provided with login information which enables them to access their MarineSync portal connected to their assigned slip. At any point in time, the electrical usage can be viewed by the slip tenant by logging into their MarineSnyc portal. Once in the portal, tenants can view usage by day or by a specified timeframe. The usage report shows the number of kWh used by day along with a total kWh usage for the period. When it comes time to process the billing, the marina logs into the full portal to pull a report for usage during the specific billing period. If a tenant is not interested in using the portal, the marina is always happy to pull the report and pass it along at the tenant’s request. Billing for electrical usage is done in arrears from the 15th of the previous month to the 14th of the current month and included on the monthly statement. In addition to being able to view electrical usage, tenants can also control the power at their pedestal from the portal with the ability to turn the power off when they are away from the slip or anytime they choose to. All of the above is the same for water usage. 

Billing rates for water usage is based on the current South Coast Water District rates per gallon. The current per gallon billing rate for water usage is $0.004786.

Billing rates for electrical usage are calculated for the specific billing period and are determined by San Diego Gas & Electric. SDGE sends a billing packet monthly which provides the specific details for calculating the submeter electric rates for liveaboard and non-liveaboard marina tenants. The current electric billing rate is $0.27222 for non-liveaboard tenants and $0.37824 for liveaboard tenants.

Electric and water rates are posted on the walkway bulletin board near the metered boat slips and can be found on the bulletin board outside the marina office.

Of course, the above is applicable to tenants in new slips. If you are in a new slip, you should have received an email from us with your MarineSync online portal login information. If you do not have this information, please reach out to us and we will resend it.

It will not be long before we have all tenants settled into new slips. If you have not yet had a chance to review the layouts to get an idea of where slips in your assigned slip size will be in the future, please stop by the office anytime. 

We do not get into the actual slip selection until we begin demolition of the phase that will house the slips. During the slip selection process, you have the opportunity to secure a slip that will be assigned to you once the phase is complete and opened for occupancy. Once you select a new slip and it is ready for occupancy, you will be expected to relocate to the new slip location. Prior to that, you will go through a vessel seaworthy evaluation and ground fault leakage test. 

Restaurants & Retail

Phases 1 and 2 of formal construction for the harbor-wide revitalization began February 7, 2024, and is anticipated to be completed in one year following the commencement of construction. The construction site for the three-tiered parking structure will be the current employee parking lot at the corner of Golden Lantern and Dana Point Harbor Drive.

Retail, restaurants, Whale Watching, Sportfishing, and Catalina Express will remain open during the construction and customers will be able to park in the main parking lot. By facilitating the project in phases, the harbor will remain open to public access throughout the construction process, with as little impact on parking, businesses and common areas as possible.

Following completion of the first two phases, construction will then begin on Phase 3 of the Commercial Core, which includes development along the waterfront. This phase is anticipated to begin in March 2025. The final phases will include the redevelopment of the buildings within The Wharf.

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