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Construction Updates & Schedule

The Marina at Dana Point

This update was provided by The Marina at Dana Point’s August Newsletter.

Phase 3 of the marina revitalization project is underway! All the docks are in and all the piles have been driven. Bellingham is installing the dock gates and running the utilities now with the Wi-Fi fiber run scheduled to start the week of Sept. 4. Once everything is installed and tested for functionality there are several inspections that must happen prior to receiving the occupancy permit. At this time, we anticipate the docks will be open for occupancy around September 18, 2023.

Slip selection for the Phase 3 locations is complete. If you are in a 40’, 45’ or 55’ slip and have not responded to our calls and emails regarding slip selection, please reach out to let us know your preferred location.

As we prepare to begin demolition of Phase 4, vessels located on B-dock west basin cove are in process of relocating to temporary slip locations. Demolition of Phase 4 (B-dock west basin cove) will begin on Monday, September 18, 2023. This phase includes 158 slips as follows:

21’ = 2
24’ = 8
26’ = 2
25’ = 26
28’ = 95
30’ = 22
61’ ET = 1
64’ ET = 1
66’ ET = 1

Slip selection for Phase 4 will begin once demolition of the phase is underway. Click HERE to view the west cove layout. Phase 4 includes docks G13 (Dock of the Orange Lantern), G14 (Dock of the Violet Lantern) and G15 (Dock of the Cardinal Lantern).

Phase 4 is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2023 with Phase 5 (A-dock west basin cove and guest dock) to begin in January 2024.

What to Expect During Construction

Pile driving generates a repetitive pounding sound. Although the noise levels will be monitored, you may find the consistency of the noise to be disruptive at first. Over time, it settles into background noise. The good news is that pile driving occurs only a few days during each phase.

Once the pile driving is complete and the fingers are installed, various conduit including water and electricity will be brought from the landside and run through the docks to each slip location. Lastly, power pedestals are installed and everything is hooked up.

Dock construction will primarily take place Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM. Although we have approval to work on Saturdays, we do not anticipate engaging in construction on weekends or holidays.

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